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From the "Daily Peloton" Stage Five report, final wrap-up, commentary and who we're keeping our eye on... By Vaughn Trevisanut
"I believe we have witnessed a unique moment in the cycling history similar to when an aging Fausto Coppi raced against the espoir French phenomena Jacques Anquetil, and when an older Anquetil raced against the young Belgian rider Eddy Merckx. But this time the protagonists are the great French rider Jeanie Longo, the greatest women's rider in history, and the young phenomena of Quebec, Genevieve Jeanson. Although Madame Longo will race in the future, as Coppi did with Anquetil, the heir-apparent Mademoiselle Jeanson has seized the moment. The comparison is irresistable, both bitter and sweet - that unique fraction of time when the new young rider challenges the still strong, but older, champion. Undoubtedly a moment that will be added to the History of the Tour of Gila."
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My name is Jim Miller...
1999 Racer Jim Miller
< By the way, the Merlin guy next to the Mercury van on your web site is me. I used to ride for the Merlin/Hind, and Oil Me professional teams. On that particular day we did the college crit course and I bridged to the break where I already had three teammates. Myself and one other teammate drove the break for about 2/3 of that race, trying to set up two other teammates for the win. I was as tired as I look. That was a brutal crit course.

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