Host Housing is arranged on a first come, first serve basis for riders and staff. Area lodging information can be found here.

Every year we manage to find housing for a large number of riders.

New Requests will not be accepted after March 15th.

To inquire about staying with a host family please use the form below or contact Host Housing.

Teams requesting housing need to have paid entries before you will be put on the list. Please keep in mind that you will probably be placed in two or more separate homes. Housing will be arranged on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you for your consideration and patience.


Host Housing Request Form

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  • We only accept PayPal payments. You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card. When you submit this form, you will be directed to a PayPal page for payment. The fee is $10 per person, please note that your request will be delayed if you do not submit or successfully complete your PayPal transaction.
  • Housing is given on a first come-first served basis. Paid registration and housing fees are required before your request will be placed on the list in the order in which it was received. You will receive host contact information by email, or by phone. This is a nonrefundable $10.00 per person fee for placement on the housing list.