Please read our conditions of accreditation and fill out the form below to request media credentials. This form is only a request and does not guarantee accreditation. Credentials are limited, and only working media will be approved.

Media Director: Rebecca Reza

Conditions of Accreditation (click to expand)

The primary news media chosen to receive credentials include: television news, official TV station broadcast team, radio news, consumer newspapers, cycling press – primarily print and major website media.“media” credential is strictly for the “press”.

1. Credential: (All credentials are tags to be worn around the neck.) a. Photographers & Reporters

2. What the credential permits you to do: a. Access to the Press Room. b. Opportunity to receive press materials from the Press Room and via internet from the staff. c. Opportunity to move about the race course by presenting your credential to the marshal who will allow you to pass; opportunity to ride in press vehicles. d. Use of the Press Room for editing and wireless uploading of your stories and/or photos. e. Light refreshments in the Press Room.

3. What the credential does not permit you to do: a. To photograph from moving vehicles.

4. Start Line rules a. As the riders are called to the line, those media with Credentials are the only media allowed on the street. b. Priority to the red credentialed photo media, Yellow credentialed media will not obstruct red credentialed media.

5. Press transportation at the event a. Moto – Only Red Vested Photographers will be allowed to ride. b. The Mens Pro race will have 1 media car 1 and Pro women will have 1 media car for non vested photographers and other media.

6. Red Photo vests – Photographers who receive Red vests a. The Red vest signifies primary access and will be positioned for the finish with highest priority and will not be obstructed by non vested media. b. Photographers chosen to receive a vest must give a $20 cash deposit at the time of receiving the vest. Vests must be returned to the media director (Mitchell Clinton) no later than the end of the final stage awards ceremony. Deposits will be returned, in cash, at the time the vest is returned.

7. Behavior a. Please read these rules carefully and abide by them. As you can understand, we are running a very fast paced event, and cannot stop to negotiate with media who have not applied for credentials properly in advance or who have been rejected. We encourage all media to watch, enjoy and report on the event. Please understand, it is very dangerous to have inexperienced media on the race course. b. Once you have been issued your credential, if you have been given a vest, or if you have been rejected, please do not attempt to change your status on race day. Decisions have been made and race day is very hectic.

Summary of UCI Media RegulationsThis is a summary of the rules and regulations pertaining to the press and media caravans. The safety and control of the race caravan is under the control of the Commissaires. A complete set of regulations is published by the UCI and is available on their web page ( under Road – Regulations. * To have any course access all media will need credentials. Credentials can be applied for at and picked up at the press conference the day prior to the start or at the start line the day of the race.* Car and moto drivers are responsible for their vehicles and shall immediately comply with orders and instructions given by the Organizers and Jury of Commissaires. * No press vehicle or moto whatsoever shall be permitted to accompany the riders during the last 500 meters to the finishing line unless specific exception was made prior to the start of the race. * If press personnel permit riders to hold onto vehicles, they shall be removed from the caravan and suspended for a period the duration of which is commensurate with the incident. * Within the press motorcade, press vehicles shall have priority over the vehicles of any VIPs that may be present at the invitation of the organizer. * It is forbidden to interview riders as they race. Team Managers may be interviewed except during the last 10 km (provided the interview is from a moto or pre-wired). * A maximum of three moto/cameras are permitted in the caravan. * Motos shall not remain near riders unless filming. * All photographers, press and drivers must be properly identified and credentialed by the Race * Any of the above working at the finish line area must obey the instructions of the Race Organizer and not impede in any way the finish of the race.



Media Credentials Request Form